Live + On Air

As one of the most recognizable emcees in New York, by a wide-range of audiences for her engaging and dynamic delivery, when Michelle Barone hosts it’s a different level of excitement and an overall more positive, upbeat experience.

In addition to frequent live, in-studio media appearances and hosting engagements, Michelle runs her own Marketing Agency, Michelle Barone Media, MBM which allows her to market businesses of all sizes and share their stories. Her interviewing skills have brough both her and her clients to new heights both on stage and in the board room.

Michelle has a unique skill set, from big marketing ideas that produce a major ROI to interviewing powerful people and making them comfortable enough to share their intimate story to entertaining a crowd, Michelle delivers. She has a strong presence that dominates a room but is relatable and positive in her approach to business, entertainment and to life in general.

She’s someone that is extremely likeable and can get the crowd moving. The only way to truly explain Michelle is to be in her presence and experience her energy. She’s like a magnet that attracts and projects positivity and greatness.